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Reddit comes to Germany.

Reddit has opened offices in Germany: this is the first expansion into a non-English speaking country, and a strategic one. What will 2022 look like for the social network that promises to be a “better version” of web 2.0?

October 2021, Reddit announced the opening of new offices in Germany: this is the first expansion into a non-English speaking country: a strategic one. What will 2022 look like for the social network that promises to be a “better version” of web 2.0? How many Germans are already Redditors?

The growing popularity of Reddit in Germany.

THE CHANGING SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE. Active users, visits and sessions, reach: if you only consider these numbers, you miss the shift in social media worldwide and here in Germany. Image problems, scandals, maybe just indigestion and disaffection: these all will change the social media landscape in the future.

SEARCHING FOR ALTERNATIVES. Search queries are a simple yet effective way to monitor the change of attitudes of users. The German google search in 2021 tells a story of decline and one of rising social networks: fewer and fewer people searched for Facebook in 2020; more and more looked for TikTok and Reddit. Both TikTok and Reddit recorded between +110% and +150% increase in search volumes.

REDDIT IN GERMANY. In 2021, Reddit could count on around 13 million active users in Germany (vs 32 million users on Facebook and 21 million on Instagram. Source: Adenion 2021).

3XING (Dach, GAS region)16 MIO
SOURCE: ADENION 2021, Active: at least once a month

According to Reddit, the year-over-year growth has been 47%, making the German Reddit the network´s fifth-largest user base. Over 150 million posts, comments and votes are added to Reddit from Germany every month: yes, the platform is highly engaging.

EXPANDING BEYOND ENGLISH. With a business strategy that has an IPO in sight by 2023 (?), it is time for Reddit to expand beyond the English-speaking countries. The decision to open German operations in Q4 2021 was not a surprise. What will that mean for the German media and Reddit?

Why Germany, why now.

A matter of audience size and a matter of monetisation opportunity.

There was a lot of talk about the Reddit communities disrupting Wall Street with action concerted on their r/ spaces (do you remember Gamestop?).

Reddit revenues come mainly from advertising, not from paid content.

Four hundred thirty million active users generate around 305 million USD yearly advertising revenues for Reddit. That is not so much, compared to the Facebook/Meta´s +100.000 million dollars of 2021.

But Reddit has implemented a healthy advertising model, compatible – so to say – with the post-third-party cookie evolution of advertising. Advertising on Reddit is played out depending on the topic and not based on personal data: contextual ads, as it used to be before the big platforms conquered the ad market.

Contextual advertising will become more relevant after the cookie era, at the condition that advertisers can precisely control the environment in which they present themselves. The Reddit promise: brands can select topics with great detail and specify the security level to apply. The consultancy firm Accenture places recruiting ads in developers´ forums. The cooking box provider Hellofresh has achieved top conversion rates with food sub/Reddits dedicated to different food genres.

Who are the Reddit users in Germany?

When introducing the new German operations, the Reddit team provided some insights into the current German Reddit.

Here Reddit users spend an average of 27 minutes per day on the platform.  You find both meme-makers and people sharing business and finance information.

You can see that while browsing some of the German subreddits: r/wasletztepreis for funny stuff, r/finanzen for financial advice, r/garten for passionate gardeners. 

What´s the demographic profile of German Reddit users? 
  • 38% are millennials 
  • 35% are GenZ 
  • 23% belong to GenX
  • 4% are baby boomers

These users do not overlap too much with other networks: 38% of Reddit German users are not on Twitter, while 37% are not on Facebook, and 25% are not on Instagram. 

Some big German brands like Telekom are already working with the newly established German Reddit Sales. 2022 will reveal how much Reddit will convince media agencies and brands in this market, the main entry door to Europe.