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Publishers and passionate creators can learn a lot from each other. They share common challenges and are on their way to freeing themselves from big tech platforms. In this section, I look into the intersection between publishing and the passion economy: business models, tools and ways to redefine the relationship with audiences and customers.

A world of teachers, a world of learners.

As the “passion economy” paradigm is challenging the “platform economy” (i.e. the domain of demand/offer orchestrators, global marketplaces, and social networks), so its extension to the world of learning is democratising the teaching and learning experience: it allows to offer much more than what MOOCs cover, both in terms of topics and of experience.

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Is there a future beyond the platform economy? Yes, and it has a name: welcome to the passion economy.

Patreon is the original champion of a new ecosystem that has been popularised in the late 2019 by Jin Li, a former investor at Andreessen Horowitz, and Adam Davidson, an American journalist working at the National Public Radio, under the charming name of “Passion Economy”.
In this ecosystem, passionate individuals and knowledge professionals can make money out of their talents and turn passions in a livelihood by developing a direct relationship with their audience and customers.

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