Pandemic podcasts

The pandemic has not only accelerated the podcasting boom. Some podcasts have played a big role in explaining and fighting against the Coronavirus. A case study from Germany.

Roads to a subscription-based model: El País.

The pandemic did not find El País unprepared: the invesment and commitment to data and science journalism paid off, and paved the way to the success of its subscription model.

A story of data, dashboards and definitions.

This post is about vaccination data and dashboards: - about good visualizations and the pitfalls to avoid, - about what to keep in mind when reading such data, - and about the transparency we deserve from our governments.

A red line that is a ray of hope.

We have seen too many #COVID19 charts in the last 9 months, but this one is perfect for #xmas2020 , taken from the #BioNTech vaccine study on 44k participants that led to the vaccine approval. The red line, this time, is a ray of hope.

Cinque minuti a mezzanotte: Lockdown, ora.

Ho messo assieme sei tavole con dati “made in Germany”. Li ho rielaborati per renderli più chiari e parlanti. L´obiettivo: farvi capire perché noi, a nove giorni dal Natale, entriamo in un Lockdown duro; perché ci sentiamo “a cinque minuti dalla mezzanotte”; e perché questo senso di urgenza riguarda anche voi.